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Is cancer preventable? The role of diet and obesity

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Ben Johnson

Associate Publisher at BioMed Central
Dr Ben Johnson is Head of Communities & Engagement at Springer Nature. He runs all online community blogs, including the Nature Research and Springer Nature communities and the BMC blogs. He has a PhD in influenza virus from the University of Reading and Public Health England and was a postdoc at Imperial College London before entering publishing as an Acquisitions Editor and then Associate Publisher at BMC, where he launched new open access journals. He is based in our London office.

Cancer is a metabolic disease. So asserts a growing body of evidence, supported by twin pillars. On one hand is strong data from… Read more »

The cancer-obesity connection: where are we now?

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Post by Rabia Begum Obesity is emerging as a major risk factor to cancer susceptibility. With obesity rates on the rise around the… Read more »

Cancer and diet – what you eat, or how much?

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On Biology

The epidemiological evidence now seems overwhelming: obesity is a major cause of cancer, which will rise with the rising tide of… Read more »