Fighting alcohol with alcohol: a Managed Alcohol Program in Ontario

Harm Reduction Journal has today published the second and third ever peer reviewed articles on managed alcohol programs. But what are these programs and why are they important?

Managed alcohol programs (MAPs) are a harm reduction strategy for people with severe alcohol dependence and unstable housing. So how do these programs alter an individual’s pattern of alcohol consumption, and what is their perception of quality of life and housing?

The two articles published today aimed to answer these questions and the authors of the research have put together an infographic to provide a brilliant visual representation of their work, including what they did and what they found, shown below and available here.

The researchers suggest that by providing regulated doses of alcohol in a supportive housing environment, the lives of people with severe and reoccurring alcohol problems and homelessness can be improved. At the same time, this intervention could also reduce social, police and health service costs:

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Contact the authors:

Dr. Bernie Pauly (UVic Centre for Addictions Research/Nursing),

Gary Mack (Shelter House),

​Dr. Tim Stockwell (UVic’s Centre for Addictions Research),

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