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COVID-19 Risk Adjustment, Driving Transformation or Normalizing Deviance? It is Our Choice


There is no doubt that COVID-19 has placed great stress on our healthcare system.  In many areas of the world, healthcare systems neared collapse with the curtailment of elective and semi-elective services.  The United States fared worse than many other developed nations.  It has a population which is very resistant to public health strategies and vaccinations.  Today it is 68th in the world in the number of individuals who have obtained a COVID-19 vaccine.  The United States also has a private healthcare system which has been run for maximal financial efficiency.  This system has a just-in-time supply chain and a nursing shortage which has existed for decades. 


Sleep, rest and play – the Journal of Activity, Sedentary and Sleep Behaviors publishes its first articles


Wellbeing is an important part of all our lives. Inspired by the two important pillars of wellbeing: physical activity and sleep, Journal of Activity, Sedentary and Sleep Behaviors launched this week.

We talk to Editor-in-Chief Professor Vandelanotte about his experiences of creating a journal from conception to full launch, his vision for the journal, and ask him to give us a glimpse of the first published articles.

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