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Chemical sterilization: A safe alternative for dogs?

On Biology

Could chemical sterilization be an affordable solution to keeping stray dog populations under control? Raffaella Leoci, DVM, PhD,… Read more »

Rabies: What do I need to know?

On Biology

Today is World Rabies Day, an opportunity to raise awareness of the disease and how we can tackle it. We asked the Kennel Club,… Read more »

The curious bridge between canine and human science

On Biology
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Matthew Landau

Senior Journal Development Editor at BioMed Central
Matt looks after a portfolio of animal and plant science journals. Before joining BioMed Central in 2011, he worked at an NHS Primary Care Trust and as a freelance researcher for Katachi Magazine.
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What have dogs ever done for us? Humans and dogs have a long history of co-existence and companionship, and our four-legged… Read more »