Journal of Nanobiotechnology – tracked by Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters have accepted Journal of Nanobiotechnology, the first fully open access journal in this burgeoning research area, for Impact Factor tracking. Journal of Nanobiotechnology is now tracked from Volume 9 (2011) and the high quality of the content is reflected by a predicted Impact Factor of 5.09.

In October 2010, Professor Fernando Patolsky (University of Tel Aviv) became the new Editor-in-Chief of the journal. Fernando has made seminal advances at the interface between nanoelectronics and biological systems, fostering a unique approach in electrical means for label-free detection of chemical and biological species, with unprecedented high sensitivity. At the beginning of 2011, Fernando was joined by Professor Ueli Aebi (University of Basel) as co-Editor-in-Chief. A pioneer of nanobiology and nanomedicine, Ueli’s lab specializes in a structure-based functional understanding of biological nanomachines, and more generally, supramolecular assemblies by a hybrid methods experimental approach that involves light, electron and scanning probe microscopies, X-ray crystallography, molecular cell biology and protein design.

Together with an Editorial Board, that includes a worldwide selection of top-level biophysicists, biotechnologists, chemists and biomedical researchers, the new editors provide the wide-ranging expertise needed to advance nanobiotechnology as a novel discipline in biomedicine and beyond. We look forward to the first official Impact factor announcement for Journal of Nanobiotechnology, in June 2014, and the continuing success of this growing journal.

Helen Whitaker

Journal Development Manager at BioMed Central
Helen is part of the Biological Sciences publishing team at BioMed Central. She obtained her PhD in molecular ecology from the University of Glasgow, UK. Her post-doctoral studies in aquaculture genetics took her from Scotland to South Africa, before joining BMC in 2008.

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