Centrosome Research takes centre stage


Discovered in 1888, and introduced to generations of scientists during school lessons on mitosis, the centrosome is a small but essential organelle, organizing microtubules and regulating cell-cycle progression in animal cells. Previously overlooked, the key role of the centrosome in regulating both normal cell division and asymmetrical cell division is now becoming clearer. It is time the centrosome took centre stage, with a new, open access journal from BioMed CentralCentrosome Research is now accepting submissions.

Centrosome Research is an open access, online journal that publishes basic, applied and translational research on all aspects of the centrosome and its functional equivalents.

Recent years have seen an explosion of research in this field, and Centrosome Research provides a forum for investigators in multiple disciplines to compile these advances in a single accessible location. The journal welcomes studies conducted in a variety of model organisms and man, adopting a range of experimental techniques.

Editor-in-Chief Heide Schatten (University of Missouri-Columbia), along with an international Editorial Board of experts, invite you to join them in this exciting new venture and submit your next research article to the journal.

For more information about the journal, including information on how to prepare and submit a manuscript, please visit our website – https://www.centrosomeresearch.com/ or contact the journal here. 

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alain debec

I am very interested by your journal . I am convinced that it will have soon a major impact among cell biologists.
I would be delighted to submit soon a manuscript concerning centrosomes in Drosophila.

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