Neural Systems & Circuits is now accepting submissions!


 Neural Systems & Circuits, a new open access journal focusing on systems and computational neuroscience, is now accepting submissions.

Neural Systems & Circuits aims to publish exciting research on how individual neurons interact at the network level to perform interesting computations, and welcomes studies combining theory and experiment, reports of technical or analytical innovations and large-scale genetic or connectomic studies.

This new BioMed Central journal is overseen by co-Editors-in-Chief Peter Latham (Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit, UCL, UK) and Venkatesh Murthy (Harvard University, USA), who are supported by an expert Editorial Board

For more information on Neural Systems & Circuits, please visit the journal website or contact the Editorial Office. Why not register for updates keeping you abreast of any journal developments?

Submit your research to Neural Systems & Circuits, and take advantage of an efficient online submission process, rapid, high-quality peer-review service, and high visibility. There are no extra charges or limits on the number of color figures or videos you wish to include.

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manjunatha mahadevappa

Interested in retinal neuronal circuits in case of RP and AMD diseases leading to blindness. I am interested in studying the neuronal connections in retinal layers.

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