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BioMed Central is pleased to
announce the forthcoming launch of the newest addition to the BMC series of
journals, BMC Research Notes, which will begin to accept submissions in
early 2008

are increasingly concerned with citations and impact factors, and it can be
difficult for researchers and clinicians to publish valuable work that may not
be highly cited.  At the same time,
science and medicine are becoming increasingly evidence-based and transparent.

The goal of BMC Research Notes is to provide a home for short publications,
case series, incremental updates to previous work, results of individual
experiments and similar material that currently lack a suitable outlet.  The intention is to reduce the loss suffered
by the research community when such results remain unpublished.

clinical research, the prospective registration of randomized controlled trials
has become a reality, whilst in the field of genomic research, scientists
deposit large volumes of data into publicly accessible databases for the entire
community to use.

A key objective of BMC Research Notes is to ensure that
associated data files will, wherever possible, be published in standard,
reusable formats and are exposed to ensure that they are searchable and easily
harvested for reuse. We are working with researchers across the full spectrum
of biomedical research to define appropriate recommendations for
domain-specific data file standards, and we aim to provide detailed ‘Additional
data file’ preparation guidelines, to complement our current detailed figure
preparation guidelines.

BMC Research Notes will publish scientifically
sound research across all fields of biology and medicine, enabling authors to
publish updates to previous research, software tools and databases, data sets,
small-scale clinical studies, and reports of confirmatory or ‘negative’
results.  Additionally the journal will
welcome descriptions of incremental improvements to methods that as well as
short correspondence items and hypotheses. Submissions will be fully peer-reviewed,
and will be handled by an international board of academic Associate Editors
spanning all biological and medical disciplines.

We are looking for enthusiastic researchers
who would like to have an editorial involvement with BMC Research Notes.  We are particularly keen to hear from
researchers who have a special interest in data sharing and data format

Please let us know if you would like
to play a role with this important new journal, and do tell us if you know of
any other researchers who you feel should be involved.

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david poller

This is a very interesting development. I have just set up a medical website for afficionados of thyroid pathology and cytology. This is also the website for the UK Endocrine Pathology Society at

This site will attempt to also cover a similar range of areas in thyroid pathology and cytology, including practical techniques. I have also been struck that there is now a gap in the service provision of information between what established online or paper based peer reviewed journals can provide and what the requirements are of science and medical technology for information on how to apply practical techniques. These were traditionally the remit of textbooks and instruction/ information manuals.

I believe that there is a real need for BMC website where this sort of information can be freely available on the internet.

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