Forest fires and their impact on CO2 – global press coverage for open access research

A recent article published in Carbon Balance and Management entitled
‘Estimates of CO2
from fires in the United States: implications for carbon management’
received widespread, global coverage in the media.

The article by Christine Wiedinmyer and Jason Neff focuses on CO2 emissions
from fires across the US, how these emissions compare to anthropogenic
emissions of CO2 and Net Primary Productivity, and the potential implications
for monitoring programs and policy development.

article was press
by BioMed Central, and has since been highlighted in news coverage around the world including USA Today,
Forbes, The
Sydney Morning Herald
, The
Times of India
and Pollution
, and more. With the recent forest fires in
California, and significant public interest in the effects of carbon emissions
on climate, this is a great example of the benefits of open access in making research accessible to all who are interested.

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