Quiz: What do you know about Alzheimer’s?

September marks World Alzheimer’s Month and in recognition of this, we’ve put together a quiz to test whether you know your facts from fiction on this widespread disease. Why not see how well you do!


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Dan McKeown

Having established that Alzheimer’s and dementia *aren’t* interchangable terms (spoiler alert, sorry), how come the link to an Alzheimer’s worldwide distribution infographic then brings up an infographic about dementia?

Neisha Jobanputra

Thanks for highlighting this, Dan. The World Alzheimer Report researched the prevalence of dementias including Alzheimer’s disease, and so I’ve edited the question and answer to reflect this. Thanks again.

James Reuss

Many of my ‘wrong’ answers were based upon likelihood. So don’t use 5% likelihood events to validate one statement and refute another.

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