Improvements always possible: EQUATOR promoting transparent reporting

In a recent commentary published in BMC Medicine, researchers from the EQUATOR network (Enhancing the QUAlity and Transparency Of health Research) talk about improving the reporting of healthcare studies. Transparency and quality of reporting for biomedical research seriously affects the value and utility of literature.  Not only that, but shortcomings in both of these are a waste of increasingly scarce resources being invested in this research.
The commentary further discusses the goals and progress of EQUATOR, as well as outlining some of the ways that all those involved can act – including authors, institutions, funding agencies, and journals. The network is an international initiative with the aim of advancing high quality reporting in health research through, among other things, promoting good reporting practice and the wider implementation of reporting guidelines.
BioMed Central is fully committed to supporting a more complete and useful scientific record. Why not visit the website and read the full commentary for yourself to find out what interesting activities EQUATOR have been undertaking, and what you can do to help improve this important aspect of health research?

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