Treating severe asthma: New minireview in BMC Medicine

With an estimate of more than 300 million worldwide being affected by asthma,  this chronic inflammatory pulmonary disease, has a complex etiology that can involve both environmental as well as genetic factors. To date there is no cure, only management of disease.  With its effects being potentially severe, it is not surprising that the public has a keen interest in keeping abreast of developments in this area, and it is a popular topic in the news around the world.

This month in BMC Medicine, Neil Thomson and colleagues, from the University of Glasgow review the recent advances made in the treatment of severe asthma including humanized antibodies, bronchial thermoplasty and inhibitors of the arachidonic acid pathway. In addition, they discuss  the likelihood that improved future treatment will rely on more personalized treatment strategies.

Visit us and check out the interesting insights Thomson and colleagues have about this complex disease and progress being made in improved treatment.

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