First articles published in Molecular Autism


The launch of Molecular Autism today provides autism researchers with a new forum for basic, translational and clinical study into the molecular basis of autism and related neurodevelopmental conditions.

In their lead
, Editors-in-Chief Joseph Buxbaum (Mount Sinai School of Medicine)
and Simon Baron-Cohen (University of Cambridge) present Molecular Autism’s mission
statement.  The journal’s unique
molecular focus is key to identifying the fundamental determinants of autism
and achieving one of our primary goals – correcting the bias towards psychological
study that has characterized the past 60 years of autism research. Through Molecular Autism, the Editors hope to
tackle the multi-level complexity of autism and related syn
dromes by
engendering greater integration across scienti
fic disciplines including genetics,
molecular neurobiology, neuropathology and imaging.

Two research articles
also published today include an epidemiological
that provides evidence for an association between paternal age and
autism risk in an Iranian population sample, and a genome wide linkage analysis of repetitive behavioral phenotypes.

In the next few months, Molecular Autism will continue to publish high quality, original
research and provide a platform for topical debates and comprehensive reviews. You
can keep up to date with new content published in Molecular Autism by signing up to receive regular article alerts when new research is published.

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elizabeth lund

Dear Editors,

As an cell biologists with a particular interest in nutrtion and gut health and a personal interest in autistic spectrum disorders I am very pleased to see this journal and hope it is as succesful as other BMC journals. The aims are very laudable but also very challenging.

Elizabeth Lund – trustee for Asperger East Anglia

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