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A new angiogenesis inhibitor targeting multiple tyrosine kinases offers new hope for treating tumors


A guest blog from co-Editor-in-Chief of Vascular Cell, Jan Kitajewski, in which he discusses the potential of using the newly developed lenvatinib as… Read more »

Macrophages and Angiogenesis – a thematic series in Vascular Cell

Fiona Pring

Fiona Pring

Associate Publisher at BMC
Fiona graduated with a BSc in Human Genetics from UCL before working for five years in the editorial team at the Royal Society. She came to BMC in October 2010 and is currently responsible for our public and global health, health services research, health policy, substance abuse, and business and economics journal portfolios.

Macrophages influence blood vessel development during growth or tissue repair, and also during tumorigenesis. They are of increasing interest to… Read more »