Silence welcomes new co-Editor-in-Chief

In an exciting new development for Silence, Yijun Qi has recently been appointed as co-Editor-in-Chief.

Dr Qi is an Associate Investigator at the National Institute of Biological Sciences in Beijing, China, and his research interests focus on the mechanisms of RNAi pathways and the biological functions of small RNAs in plants. He joins Prof Phillip Zamore, University of Massachusetts Medical School, in leading the journal, supported by an expert Editorial Board.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Prof David Baulcombe, University of Cambridge, who is stepping down as co-Editor-in-Chief of Silence. His contribution to the journal since its inception is highly valued and we are pleased to have his ongoing support in his new role as co-Founding Editor-in-Chief.

Silence was launched in 2010 and encompasses all aspects of genetic and epigenetic control that are mediated by RNA. The focus of the journal is the activity of small RNAs, and novel insights into the biogenesis and mechanisms of action of such molecules. Silence also welcomes research describing other RNA-mediated mechanisms in prokaryotes and eukaryotes, as well as manuscripts describing novel methods for analysis and manipulation of RNA-mediated regulation. The most highly accessed recent article in the journal points to potential improvements for microRNA/small interfering RNA target prediction methods, and reveals microRNA regulation of the type II TGF-β receptor.

We wish Dr Qi all the best in his new role!

Liz Bal

Associate Publisher at BioMed Central
Liz completed an MSci in Biology at Imperial College London, before joining BioMed Central in 2010. Now, as an Associate Publisher in the Biological Sciences team, she is responsible for the development of a portfolio of neuroscience, biotechnology and cell biology journals.
Liz Bal

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