Luc Willems honored with HTLV Retrovirology award in memory of J Brady, D Derse, R Grassmann, and W Harrington

At the recently concluded 15th International HTLV-1 Conference held in Leuven, Belgium, Retrovirology presented its biennial HTLV-1 Research Award to Luc Willems, Research Director, Molecular and Cellular Biology Lab, Gembloux and Professor University Liege.  Willems was recognized for his leadership and accomplishements in HTLV research.  This award sponsored by Retrovirology is to remember and honor the achievements of our recently departed colleague retrovirologists, John Brady, David Derse, Ralph Grassmann and Bill Harrington.  The Retrovirology sponsored HTLV-1 Research Award has previously been awarded to Mitsuaki Yoshida, Charles Bangham, and Carlos Brites.


Luc Willems and the HTLV-1 Retrovirology Award trophy


Presentation of the Retrovirology HTLV Award (left to right) Luc Willems, Kuan-Teh Jeang (editor in Chief, Retrovirology), Ali Bazerbachi (award committee chair) and Veffa Franchini (International Retrovirology Association president)


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