A new Flavour of journal is cooking up a storm

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The recent explosion of
Molecular Gastronomy has brought the worlds of the laboratory and the kitchen
closer together with science playing an increasingly pivotal role in food and
cooking. BioMed Central’s new journal, Flavour,
will allow all stakeholders to read the latest and highest quality scientific
research in this field. Focussing on flavour generation and perception, and its
influence on behaviour and nutrition, Flavour is now accepting
submissions and will publish research relating to all contexts – whether it be
everyday cooking, haute cuisine or government policy on healthy eating.

A new Flavour of journalPeter Barham (University of Bristol and author of the best selling Science
of Cooking
) and Per
(University of Copenhagen) are the co-Editors-in-Chief. Peter is a
researcher of polymer physics, 
penguins and Molecular Gastronomy,  and
Per’s research focuses on psychophysics
and neurophysiology of the senses 
and on the neuropsychological phenomena regulating
food sensation, reward and appetite.

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The Editorial
consists of leading academic experts in fields including
neuroscience, psychology, public health, genomics and flavour chemistry,
alongside members of the wider food and flavour community, including Nathan
technologist and co-author of the monumental Modernist Cuisine.

Jens Kondrup,
of Human Nutrition, University of Copenhagen
, Denmark, believes Flavour’s
high-level scientific content can bring about necessary
developments in aiding the sick: “Many patients with cancer and other
long lasting diseases lose weight and suffer severely from malnutrition. The
main reason is inadequate food intake and it appears that changes in sensory
requirements play a major role. Flavour can become a very useful journal
for the necessary scientific development in this area.”

Speaking about Flavour,
Heston Blumenthal, OBE, Founder of The Fat Duck,
Berkshire, said: “I’m looking forward to reading exciting new scientific
results on the science of taste and flavour that I can apply in my kitchen in
the new journal Flavour.”

Claus Meyer, co-founder
of Noma, voted S.Pellegrino’s World’s Best Restaurant 2010, is also
excited about the possibilities for this new journal: “It is possible, it might
even be very smart, to combat obesity, global warming and the over-exploitation
of our planet, with deliciousness as a weapon. I am sure that Flavour will
give us crucial insight into the pleasure giving qualities of food.”

Flavour offers a new taste of journal, publishing
high-quality peer-reviewed research on topics related to flavour, while also
encouraging contributions from the growing number of chefs and other food
professionals who are exploring the role of science in the kitchens, often in
collaboration with academic research groups.

For more information please visit our journal website. You can also follow @FlavourJournal on Twitter.

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