Open Access Africa: 2011 initiatives


BioMed Central, the open access publisher, believes that the
facilitation of scientific and medical information flow plays an important role
in future international social and scientific development. Removing restrictive
journal subscription fees challenges inequalities regarding the access to and
use of high-quality scientific resources and increases the visibility and
impact of research published from low-income countries.

New initiatives being launched in 2011 look to increase the visibility and output of
scientific research from across Africa and the wider developing world:


To meet the cost of publishing, authors who publish in our
open access journals are required to pay an article-processing charge (APC) per
published paper. However, the waiver
, operated by BioMed Central, supports researchers in the listed
developing countries, enabling authors from these areas to publish their
research without incurring the usual APC.


Foundation Membership is a free service from
BioMed Central that enables institutions in developing countries to demonstrate
their commitment and support for open access publishing and offers a range of wider
benefits for participating Members.

Open Access

BioMed Central’s Open Access Package has been designed to
provide a complete and affordable open access solution for institutions in
developing countries. The package enables institutions to show their commitment
for open access and provides them with the tools to support both open access
publishing and self-archiving.

Access Africa 2011

Open Access Africa 2011 will discuss the benefits of open
access publishing in an African context. Hosted by BioMed Central, in
association with Computer Aid International, discussions at this events will be
led from the perspective of researchers seeking access to information, and
authors seeking to communicate the results of their work globally, in an effort
to increase visibility and output of African research.


Access Africa 2011 is free to attend but registration is necessary.
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