3 more BioMed Central journals on track for Impact Factors


We recently heard that three BioMed Central journals have
been accepted for tracking by Thomson Reuters and will receive Impact Factors in due course.  The journals

Cardiovascular Diabetology and World Journal of
Surgical Oncology
were among some of the earlier titles launched as part
of BioMed Central’s independent
journals program
and have both matured into well-respected titles in
their fields.  Radiation Oncology
was launched more recently in 2006 and has rapidly grown to become an
authoritative source of information on the treatment of cancer by radiation.

These journals bring to a total of 69 BioMed Central
journals that are tracked by Thomson Reuters and either have or are on course
to receive an Impact Factor. More details are available from our website.

We would like to pass our congratulations to the
Editors-in-Chief of each of these journals.

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