Podcast: Infection prevention and control in hospitals

How do you reduce the risk of cross infection and how do you cut the number of MRSA cases in a hospital? An infection control nurse talks about this and more on our new podcast. Listen to find out more!

Antibiotic-resistant organisms such as MRSA as well as particularly pathogenic organisms such as group A strep can pose a health risk to staff and patients alike in healthcare settings. To counter this risk, it’s important to implement infection prevention and control measures.

One such measure is having a specialist team on location that monitors infection rates and cleanliness and teaches staff about how to minimise the risk of cross infection. “We’re essentially the infection detectives,” says Roz Wallis, an infection control nurse at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London.

For this podcast, Srimathy Sriskantharajah talked to her to find out how infection control works in practice, how hospital staff attitudes on this issue have changed and how we might be able to cope with the increase of antimicrobial resistance in future.

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