Proceedings of the first biennial conference on science of global prostate cancer disparities in black men

Infectious Agents in Cancer has published the proceedings from the 1st Biennial conference on "The Science of Global Prostate Cancer Disparities in Black Men" in its most recent supplement.

Prostate cancer is proven to disproportionately overburden men of African descent, with the average annual incidence rate being 59% higher for US Black men than White men (data from between 2001 and 2005). The primary reasons for this disparity have yet to be confirmed.

The conference took place in Jacksonville, FL from the 27th-29th August
with the aim to better understand the aetiology of prostate cancer among
at-risk Black men, and develop effective interventions to address these
disparities.  With delegates from North America, South America, Europe,
Africa and the Caribbean, this conference is a landmark effort to
address the global burden of prostate cancer in Black men.

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