New aspects of thyroid hormone synthesis and action

Disruptions to thyroid hormone synthesis and action is one of the most common endocrine disorders. The actions of thyroid hormones are crucial to most body systems, hence the effects of thyroid disorders are felt with varying degrees of severity.

Thyroid Research has recently published its first supplement, ‘New aspects of thyroid hormone synthesis and action’, discussing the most recent developments in the understanding of thyroid hormone action and how this could assist improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disorders. Lead by guest editor Dr Heike Biebermann, the supplement includes some of the latest research into RNA-binding proteins, transportersthyroid hormone action and synthesis, and the potential uses of microRNA.

Editor-in-Chief of Thyroid Research, Professor Andrzej
Lewiński (President of Polish Thyroid Association), said of the supplement,
“Nowadays, the progress in medicine is so rapid that regular textbooks are not
enough to keep pace with it. The new supplement to Thyroid Research presents
the current state of knowledge on crucial subjects in the basic sciences in
thyroidology. The authors discuss various physiological and pathological
mechanisms on the molecular level, covering the most recent findings in this
field. Moreover, they correlate molecular changes with the newest imaging
techniques. They also present future perspectives in thyroid research.”

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