Translational stem cell genomics

The stem cell field is a highly exciting area for both basic and translational research. In light of this, Genome Medicine, with Guest Editor Stuart Orkin, is launching a series of review and comment articles highlighting the most important and topical issues – the recent breakthroughs, controversies, challenges and medical implications – in stem cell research.

Genome Medicine’s thematic series on stem cell genomics will be presented together with related, specially commissioned content from two of our sister journals. The more basic biological aspects of stem cell biology will be covered by BMC Biology, while BMC Medicine is focusing on the efforts currently underway to take stem cell therapies to the clinic.

Genome Medicine is now seeking submissions of manuscripts offering novel translational and clinical insights gained from genome-scale analyses of stem cells, to be published in Genome Medicine and presented as part of this ongoing thematic series. If you would like your work to be considered, please submit online on or before 1 July at

For more information about submitting your manuscript to Genome Medicine, or to send a presubmission enquiry, please email

Rebecca Furlong,

Executive Editor, Genome Medicine

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