It’s hard to keep all things angiogenic in one JAR!

The editorial “It’s hard to keep all things angiogenic in one JAR!” published today in Vascular Cell discusses the exciting transition of the journal from Journal of Angiogenesis Research (JAR) to Vascular Cell. The editorial aptly summarises the rationale behind the move, which is to ensure that the journal title and scope continue to reflect the needs of the community contributing to and reading this publication.

The journal began as Journal of Angiogenesis Research in September 2009 and, as Editors-in-Chief Mark Slevin, Jan Kitajewski and Yihai Cao write in their editorial, “The publication platform, developed as a venue for angiogenic researchers, was found to be relevant and of interest to researchers studying the many facets of human vasculature, not limited to those who study the construction of new vessels.” The new journal title and broadened scope is thus a reflection of the interest JAR was attracting. Vascular Cell aims to provide a home for timely research and reviews on all aspects of the vasculature in health and disease, from bench to bedside.

Discussing the importance of the field, the Editors go on to state: “Vascular biology including angiogenesis research is one of the fastest expanding fields in biomedical research. Almost all developmental processes are coupled to vascular growth, remodeling and functions. Structural or functional defects of the vascular network are tightly linked to the onset, development and progression of various human diseases including those most common and lethal disorders such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, metabolic disorders and chronic inflammation.” The Editors hope to meet the needs of the community by providing a single home for high-quality research that could impact on many other disciplines.

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