Journal of Medical Case Reports publishes its 100th case report

are delighted to announce the publication of the 100th case report in Journal of Medical Case Reports.

The 100th article is “Pulmonary
cystic disease in HIV positive individuals in the Democratic Republic of Congo:
three case reports
” by Steven Callens and colleagues, and was published
just over seven months after the journal’s launch. This is a fantastic
achievement for JMCR and highlights the journal’s immediate popularity
as a dedicated, open access home for case reports.

Case reports – which are often overlooked by mainstream
journals – are important in communicating new and unusual clinical findings,
including early reports of new and emerging diseases, and reports of rare
side-effects of new medications, as Professor Michael Kidd, the journal’s
Editor-in-Chief, explains in his video
. All case reports published in the journal will be aggregated
into a structured case reports database. The database will also draw content
from other sources, making it possible to search for example, for patterns of
drug reactions, hopefully driving future research.

The journal welcomes submissions of case reports
from any area of medicine, which contribute to expanding medical knowledge. If
you haven’t already, why not submit your next case
to Journal of Medical Case Reports

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