Announcing the launch of International Journal of Mental Health Systems

BioMed Central recently launched International
Journal of Mental Health Systems
, a new open access independent
journal, covering all aspects of mental health system development and
reform. The journal is overseen by the Editor-in-Chief, Harry Minas and an
expert Editorial Board.

Advances in understanding of, and treatments
for, mental illness do not always benefit those who most need them because of
poorly developed mental health systems. Internationally, there is increasing
attention to mental health legislation and policy, mental health system
financing and governance, mental health service design implementation and
evaluation, and the human rights of people with mental illness. International
Journal of Mental Health Systems
aims to be a home for the latest mental
health system research, policy and debates, as well as for articles with
educational intent that will build the capacity for mental health system
research and development.

Professor Harry Minas, the journal’s
Editor-in-Chief and Director of the Centre
for International Mental Health
at the University of Melbourne in
Australia, hopes the journal will stimulate greater attention to the
central importance of building functioning mental health systems and that rapid
publication and global reach through open access will make this journal a
resource for all those who wish to contribute to such development.

more information about the journal please read the launch Editorial.

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