Michael Kidd receives award from Australian Medical Association

Professor Michael Kidd, Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Medical Case Reports and Professor of General Practice, University of Sydney, has received the Australian Medical Association’s Excellence in Health Care Award. We are pleased to congratulate Professor Kidd on his award, which is given each year to an individual who has made a significant contribution to improving health or health care in Australia.

The Journal of Medical Case Reports has also been featured by the Australian Medical Association in its latest newsletter. JMCR welcomes submissions of case reports from any area of medicine,  which contribute to expanding medical knowledge. Measured by number of manuscript submissions, the Journal of Medical Case Reports is already BioMed Central’s most active independent journal, just five months after launch.

As the journal grows, all case reports will be aggregated into an online database. This database will include case reports from many sources, including JMCR, and will be an invaluable clinical resource, allowing users to search for patterns of drug reactions, or demographic data and disease information.

Elizabeth Slade,
Associate Publisher (Medicine)

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