Thomson Scientific's Essential Science Indicators highlights Critical Care as a highly-cited journal in clinical medicine

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One of BioMed Central’s journals, Critical Care, has recently been added to Thomson Scientific’s Essential Science Indicators (ESI), an online resource that highlights the most highly-cited authors, institutions and journals.

In the March 2007 edition of Thomson Scientific’s In-cites e-magazine,

Critical Care‘s Editor-in-Chief, Professor Jean-Louis Vincent, and In-house Editor Iain Hrynaszkiewicz discuss the factors leading to the journal’s impressive citation record.

“The involvement of major leaders in the field of critical care medicine is the most important asset. Also, being open access allows Critical Care to span disciplines, reaching a wider audience… Critical Care has carved a unique niche as the online journal for intensivists. We are dedicated to rapid publication whilst maintaining thorough and fair peer-review for our authors.”


Read the full feature on the In-cites web site.


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