Electronic cigarettes, towards evidence-based regulation: call for papers

Tobacco Induced Diseases is inviting submissions for a new thematic series entitled ‘Electronic cigarettes: towards evidence-based regulation’. The series is guest edited by Constantine Vardavas, Harvard School of Public Health, and Maciej Goniewicz, Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

Regulating e-cigarettes creates unique challenges. The evaluation of the effect of e-cigarettes on public health require a wide range of evidence, including studies on the composition of a product, studies of human exposure, health effects, the likelihood of addiction and abuse, the perception and understanding of the product by the public, and the effect of marketing of the product. Furthermore, the effects of e-cigarettes not only on users of the product, but also on non-users and on the population as a whole, need to be evaluated.

For this thematic series Tobacco Induced Diseases invites papers to present the latest findings from several areas of interest, including:

  • Population use and risk perception of e-cigarettes
  • Advertising, promotion, and marketing strategies
  • The abuse and addiction potential of the product
  • Efficacy in smoking cessation
  • Safety and efficacy of e-cigarettes

The deadline for submissions is 30 June 2014, via our online submission system. When submitting, please indicate ‘Electronic cigarettes: towards evidence-based regulation’ in your cover letter.

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