Social science perspectives



Social science has
an important contribution to make to the understanding of globalization, its
dynamics, and its consequences for health equity and well-being, health systems
and the healthcare economy.

A new thematic series, Health
systems, health economies and globalization: social science perspectives
published in Globalization and Health
brings together articles that reflect
current developments within a range of social science disciplines contributing
to this area of enquiry. The collection aims to highlight challenges
in researching globalization, health systems and health economies and identify innovative approaches to
inform current research, health policy and organization.

New articles will be
added to the series soon; you can sign up to receive article alerts when
they are published.



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Social science is vastly underused in the entire process of the global economy and usually just given lip service under the umbrella of “multiculturalism.” Medical Anthropology is one of the best tools we have for global healthcare understanding and it is barely utilized.

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