Brazilian journal "Ciência & Saúde Coletiva" publishes its contribution to the International Joint Special Issue on Scaling up Education of Health Workers

Human Resources for Health is very happy to announce that the first of over twenty partnering journals collaborating on the International Joint Issue on scaling up education and training of health workers has been published.

The following is their publication announcement translated into English: Vol.13.3 of the Brazilian journal Ciência & Saúde Coletiva (Science & Collective Health) has now been published. The title of this edition is "History of the health workers"  and can be found at the journal website:

Prepared under the coordination of the historians of the Casa Oswaldo Cruz, Gilberto Hochman, Fernando Pires, and Nísia Trindade, this issue integrates the 2008-2009 effort intitated by Human Resources for Health ( and the World Health Organization to encourage research and dissemination of texts on human resources education worldwide.

The volume contains the history of the education of the Brazilian, international and specialist professionals within a regional context; the coexistence of the medicine scholar with traditional knowledge; the constitution of required disciplines and of practices by sanitarian pioneers; the role of the health professionals in infectious disease eradication in Brazil and internationally; the biographies of national and Latin American figures that made a difference in the history of the public health, as is the case of Cecília Donnângelo.

The Editors recognize that what is presented is not a traditional approach on the qualification of human resources. National and foreign authors have come together in this historic joint publication to write on the historic, economic, political, and cultural contexts within which health workers find themselves. The issue is being disseminated by in Portuguese and in English.






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