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Exploring the history of smallpox vaccination with 19th Century American vaccination kits

Andrew Cosgrove

Andrew Cosgrove

Andrew obtained his PhD in molecular biology from the University of Dundee in 2005. He joined Genome Biology in 2009 after a post doctoral research position at the University of Sheffield investigating chromosome positioning during meiosis in yeast.
Andrew Cosgrove

A recent study published in Genome Biology has explored the early history of smallpox vaccination by sequencing DNA from smallpox vaccination kits… Read more »

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Ben Johnson

Associate Publisher at BioMed Central
Dr Ben Johnson is Head of Communities & Engagement at Springer Nature. He runs all online community blogs, including the Nature Research and Springer Nature communities and the BMC blogs. He has a PhD in influenza virus from the University of Reading and Public Health England and was a postdoc at Imperial College London before entering publishing as an Acquisitions Editor and then Associate Publisher at BMC, where he launched new open access journals. He is based in our London office.

In February 1541, Spanish conquistador Francisco de Orellana led a force from modern-day Ecuador into the South American interior… Read more »