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Was it really the barber? A look at Jack the Ripper’s DNA test

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Jack the Ripper hit the headlines this week, as his supposed ‘true’ identity was revealed. It was said to be none other than… Read more »

Beyond ENCODE – let’s continue the conversation

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Elizabeth Moylan

Elizabeth has a PhD and post-doc from the University of Oxford, UK. In 2004, she moved into publishing as an in-house Editor handling peer review on the BMC-series journals. In her present role as Senior Editor (Research Integrity), Elizabeth has oversight of editorial policies and peer review processes and is particularly interested in models of peer review.

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As the human genome sequence was completed, so the deep analysis of it began in earnest with the ENCyclopedia Of DNA Elements… Read more »

2013 in Genome Biology… according to F1000 reviewers

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In 2013, BioMed Central's blog and Biome magazine have dedicated quite some space to considering alternative models of peer… Read more »

Peer review – eLife goes portable

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Selective journals, in particular journals that select on grounds of interest or importance, inevitably disappoint many authors of… Read more »

Painful publishing – whose fault?

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In the five years since the publication of the ‘Painful publishing’ letter in Science by Martin Raff , Alexander Johnson and… Read more »