Nomination call for Retrovirology Prize 2011

Nominations are being accepted for the 2011 Retrovirology Prize.  As stated previously, the Prize alternates yearly between recognizing a non-HIV retrovirologist (2011 and odd years) and an HIV retrovirologist (2010 and even years). This year is for a non-HIV retrovirologist. There can be some discretion on this guideline exercised from time-to-time by the selection committee. Any individual can initiate a nomination of others or self-nominate. A nomination includes a statement (1000 words or less) of the nominee’s significant contributions to retrovirus research, a curriculum vitae of the nominee, and a statement by the nominator that the nominee has agreed to be nominated. The selection committee consists of the Editors of Retrovirology. All nominations submitted to the selection committee must be communicated through an Editorial Board member of Retrovirology. Hence, an individual who is not an Editorial board member but who wishes to make a nomination should seek out a Retrovirology Editorial board member to communicate his/her information to the selection committee. Names of Editorial board members are available at the journal’s webpage.  Within stipulated age limits (age 45 to 60), all Retrovirology Editors, Editorial Board members, and interested colleague are eligible to be nominated with the exception of the Editor-in-Chief who will administer the final selection. For 2011, the nomination period will begin September 26th and will close October 17th. Nominations and questions about nominations should be emailed to



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