Frontiers of Retrovirology Oct 3-5, 2011, Amsterdam

The second biennial Frontiers of Retrovirology meeting will take place Oct 3-5, 2011 in Amsterdam (see ). This conference promises to continue the small cutting-edge meeting format started in Montpellier, France, two years ago.  For colleagues interested in a collegial atmosphere with outstanding science where you have plenty of opportunities to meet and mingle with all attendees, this is a meeting that you will not want to miss.

As in the past, all Abstracts at the Frontiers meeting will be published as an indexed supplement in Retrovirology (see some examples below of ISI Web of Science indexed Abstracts from the first Frontiers of Retrovirology meeting in Montpellier).

All Retrovirology published Abstracts are individually indexed in ISI Web of Science by Thomson Reuters- ISI (the folks who calculate Impact Factor). Citations to Abstracts that are indexed by Thomson Reuters- ISI count toward your total citations and the calculation of your personal H index. This may be another benefit to submitting an Abstract to Frontiers of Retrovirology.





Title: Adenovirus vectors induce expansion of memory CD4 T cells with a mucosal homing phenotype that are readily susceptible to HIV-1 infection
Author(s): Benlahrech A.; Harris J.; Meiser A.; et al.
Source: RETROVIROLOGY  Volume: 6 Article Number: O50 Published: 2009 





Title: HIV-1 envelope induces memory B cell responses that correlate with plasma antibody levels after gp120 protein vaccination or chronic HIV-1 infection
Author(s): Bonsignori M.; Moody M. A.; Parks R. J.; et al.
Source: RETROVIROLOGY  Volume: 6 Article Number: P76 Published: 2009





Title: Simultaneous enumeration of HIV-1 gp41 Env-specific IgG and IgM antibody-secreting cells with a multiplex B-cell fluorospot assay
Author(s): Bonsignori M.; Hwang K.; Vandergrift N.; et al.
Source: RETROVIROLOGY  Volume: 6 Article Number: P29 Published: 2009 





Title: CTL escape mutations in gag epitopes restricted by protective HLA class I alleles cause substantial reductions in viral replication capacity
Author(s): Boutwell C. L.; Schneidewind A.; Brumme Z.; et al.
Source: RETROVIROLOGY  Volume: 6 Article Number: P399  Published: 2009

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