Selected papers from WABI 2010 – new series in Algorithms for Molecular Biology

Algorithms for Molecular Biology has published a series of articles presented at the 10th Workshop on Algorithms in Bioinformatics (WABI), held at ALGO 2010. The articles cover a diverse range of topics, from supertree methods, to novel computational methods for inferring haplotypes from genotype data.

Algorithms in biology is an ever expanding field, which is helping to provide more cost effective methods of biological analysis than traditional wetlab investigations. WABI 2010’s focus was on discrete algorithms and machine learning methods that addressed existing problems in molecular biology.

Within the series, Prof Bonnie Berger and colleagues describe a novel approach to clarifying variability in the conformation of structures solved using X-ray crystallography by using an algorithm that is able to distinguish genuine conformational changes from variability due to noise. Prof Alexander Zelikovsky and colleagues also present an algorithm that outperforms existing methods of isoform and gene expression level estimation.

The articles are all freely available in the series section of the Algorithms for Molecular Biology journal website.

Angela Wipperman
Journal Development Editor

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