Irish Veterinary Journal goes open access with BioMed Central

Irish Veterinary Journal, the official journal of Veterinary Ireland, has published its first open access articles today. Irish Veterinary Journal has been publishing for 65 years and has recently transferred over to BioMed Central to begin a new open access chapter in its history. For more details on the journal’s developments over the years, please do read the launch Editorial.

Led by Editor-in-Chief Professor Michael Doherty, the journal publishes articles on all aspects of veterinary research involving both domestic and wild species of animals, with a special emphasis on the Irish veterinary community. Irish Veterinary Journal joins BioMed Central’s rapidly growing cluster of veterinary journals, including the newly re-launched Veterinary Research that commenced open access publishing in January.

“Irish Veterinary Journal, with the support of Veterinary Ireland – the Irish professional representative organisation, is delighted to become part of the greater BMC publishing family and hopes to offer a new voice for high quality veterinary research internationally” says Editor-in-Chief Michael Doherty.

The first open access articles published today include a review from Dr Donagh Berry et al. on the contribution of genetic makeup to differences in resistance to many diseases affecting cattle, and research from Dr Lies Beekhuis-Gibbon et al. on a pilot study for the development, implementation, and evaluation of a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) based approach for the control of good udder health in dairy cows.

Irish Veterinary Journal is an exciting new addition to BioMed Central’s veterinary cluster and we look forward to many more interesting open access articles being published in IVJ in the future.

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