Neural Systems & Circuits; a forum for theory and experiment to interact.




BioMed Central is pleased to announce the launch of a new open
access journal today, Neural
Systems & Circuits
, which will be under the leadership of
Editors-in-Chief Peter
and Venkatesh

In the inaugural Editorial, the
co-Editors-in-Chief explain the need for a journal that encompasses all aspects
of circuit or systems level analysis, as the distance between theoretical and
experimental studies in neuroscience diminishes.  It is hoped that this
journal will foster communication between these two disciplines, allowing for a
greater understanding of the circuitry of the brain.  To this end, theory
papers will feature an introductory summary for the non-theorist.

The first articles published in Neural Systems & Circuits include
a new method for identifying the positional and structural characteristics of
dendritic spines (Matsuzaki et al),
an investigation of the statistical structure of lateral connections in the
primary visual cortex (Hunt et al),
and the identification of a novel neuroblast lineage in the antennal lobe of Drosophila
(Das et

For further information on Neural Systems & Circuits,
please visit the journal
, or contact the editorial office.

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