Cell Division to receive first Impact factor in June 2011

Launched in 2006, Cell Division is now accepted for tracking by Thomson Reuters and the first official Impact Factor for the journal will be announced next year. We would like to extend our congratulations to the Editors-in-Chief of Cell Division
Philipp Kaldis (IMCB) and Michele Pagano (NYU), on their success in
bringing this ground-breaking research together for a wide audience.

Recent research published in the journal ranges from studies of yeast mutants, specifically defective in DNA replication initiation,  to genetic regulation of the cell cycle in human cancer cells. Last month saw the publication of an already highly accessed review in the journal, that dissects new discoveries in the Jab1 signaling pathway in cell cycle control and cancer.

Cell Division publishes high quality research on all exciting aspects of the cell-cycle and  bridges the gap between models of cell cycle regulation, development, and cancer biology. This forum is driven by specialized and timely research articles, reviews and commentaries focused on this fast moving field, providing an invaluable tool for cell-cycle biologists. The predicted Impact Factor for this journal, based upon citations to the journal over the past three years, is 3.37.

Helen Whitaker

Journal Development Manager at BioMed Central
Helen is part of the Biological Sciences publishing team at BioMed Central. She obtained her PhD in molecular ecology from the University of Glasgow, UK. Her post-doctoral studies in aquaculture genetics took her from Scotland to South Africa, before joining BMC in 2008.

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