New 2009 Impact Factor

A few days ago, ISI Thomson released the 2009 Impact Factor report.  I don’t place too much credence on isolated Impact Factors, but they are worth considering in the context of other data.  Based on the 2009 release,  Retroviirology continues to be positioned firmly in second place amongst virology journals that publish original research.  We pay some attention to how we compare with other virology journals.  Below, I show the three years’ trend for J. Virol, Retrovirology and Virology.  Both J Virol and Virol have experienced small drops in Impact Factor, while Retrovirology has remained steady and managed a small gain.  For Retrovirology this increase is occurring even in the face of our publishing 10 to 15% more papers each year.  (The first number is 2007 IF, then 2008 IF, and  2009 IF)  

J. Virol.             5.33     5.30     5.15 

Retrovirology    4.04     4.04     4.10  

Virol ogy           3.76     3.53     3.04  

Of interest, I also looked at the 2008 and 2009 Impact Factor numbers for some of the other journals that retrovirus research papers often are published.  The Journal of Molecular Biology went from 4.15 to 3.87; Biochemistry from 3.38 to 3.33; the Journal of Biological Chemistry from 5.52 to 5.33; Journal of Neurovirology from 1.86 to 2.34.

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