All content on the new-look Genome Biology website free in June


Genome Biology has moved to a new website design, joining its sister journal Genome Medicine on a new platform for BioMed Central journals.

To allow all users to explore and appreciate fully the benefits of the new website, which provides a modern and easy-to-use interface for efficient browsing of journal content, all subscription content in the journal has been made free to access until the end of June.

Genome Biology publishes open access research in all fields of biology informed by genomics and all aspects of genomic research. Alongside the original research, Genome Biology subscription content includes systematic reviews, critical assessments, reports, research news and commentary, covering work published both in the journal and elsewhere.

All Genome Biology content is free to access until June 30th.

This year, Genome Biology is celebrating its 10th anniversary, marking the occasion by publishing a collection of exciting reviews and special content that discuss key developments in the genomics field over the last decade. This specially commissioned content, along with all articles in the Genome Biology archive, will be available to all users during June.

For any questions regarding subscription to Genome Biology following the free period, please contact

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