Malaria Journal supplement evaluates steps towards elimination


There are hurdles to clear
before malaria elimination can be achieved. A supplement published in Malaria
features a series of articles reviewing the many aspects of the
research agenda for global malaria elimination. In this supplement, authors
chart the progress that has been made in the development of malaria vaccines
intended for eradication, rather than clinical disease prevention, whilst
another notes that even highly effective interventions designed to reduce
mortality actually have very little noticeable effect on the clinical pattern
of malaria.

However, on a more positive
note, Editor-in-Chief of Malaria Journal, Marcel Hommel, notes that the
combination of mass distribution of mosquito nets and nationwide distribution
of artemisinin-based combination therapies has resulted in substantial declines
in malaria cases and deaths in a number of countries.

The production of this supplement has been made possible by generous
sponsorship from the Foundation for the National
Institutes of Health
and the Wellcome Trust.

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This is a step in the right direction. Nice to finally see a psychology journal among the already existing BMC journals. I am confident BMC Psychology will make a strong impact.

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