BMC Evolutionary Biology a "featured journal" on ScienceWatch

BMC Evolutionary Biology has been selected as this month’s featured journal on the Thomson Reuters ScienceWatch website.  As the article notes, in the few years since its launch the journal has already published 608 papers which have been cited a total of 2,819 times. In recent years, its growth and success has accelerated as it has become one of the most well-known and respected journals in its field. Monthly manuscript submissions, for example, have tripled in just the last two years!

The success of BMC Evolutionary Biology is a tribute to the  efforts of its team of in-house editors, but most of all to the authors, reviewers and external editorial advisers who have embraced the journal and made it such a success.
It is just one more sign of the increasing prominence of BioMed Central’s open access journals in an ever broader range of fields.

Read the ScienceWatch article.

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