Welcome to the BfB blog

Welcome to the first posting on the Biotechnology for Biofuels blog.  This site is designed to be a forum for the exchange of ideas within the community, and we welcome short pieces on interesting research papers, methods, policy  directions, funding opportunities and upcoming meetings.  Bloggers for this site come from a wide range of backgrounds, including academia, industry, and consultancies.

We hope to establish this blog as the site for information on the biofuels world, from methods to news and views.  You are encouraged to post comments or continue discussions through the site, enabling the free and rapid flow of information, thereby promoting debate.

Readers are asked to contribute to the blog by sending links to interesting developments relating to biotechnology in a biofuels context to bfbblog@biomedcentral.com.

If you are interested in writing the occassional piece for our blog, or would like more information, please contact anna.webb@biomedcentral.com.

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