Karen Beemon wins the 2007 M.Jeang Retrovirology Prize

It was announced today that Dr Karen Beemon has been awarded the third annual M.Jeang Retrovirology
Prize. Dr Beemon, Professor and Chair of the Biology Department, Johns Hopkins
will receive a
$3000 cheque and a crystal trophy, and is interviewed in an
article published today in Retrovirology.

The M.Jeang Retrovirology
Prize, awarded annually, recognises an outstanding mid-career retrovirologist
aged 45 to 60. The prize, supported by the Ming K. Jeang Foundation, alternates
between HIV and non-HIV research. The winner is selected by Retrovirology’s
Editors, from nominations submitted by the journal’s Editorial Board. Retrovirology’s
Editor-in-Chief, Kuan-Teh Jeang explained why they awarded Dr Beemon with
the Retrovirology prize:
on has made tremendous contributions to our understanding of how
retroviruses transform cells.  She was
instrumental in establishing that one of the important
transformation mechanisms is the aberrant
phosphorylation of cellular proteins on tyrosine residues

We wish Dr Beeman many congratulations!

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