Parasites & Vectors; a new open access journal now accepting submissions

We are pleased to announce a new, broad-focus journal, Parasites & VectorsOverseen by Editor-in-Chief Chris Arme, Parasites
& Vectors
is an open access,
peer-reviewed online journal dealing with the biology of parasites, parasitic
diseases, intermediate hosts and vectors.  Manuscripts addressing broader issues, for example
economics, social sciences and global climate change in relation to parasites,
vectors and disease control, are also welcomed.

Parasites & Vectors expands upon the scope of two former BioMed Central
publications, Kinetoplastid Biology and Disease and Filaria Journal,
which will cease publication in December 2007, and are no longer accepting
submissions.  Authors working in these
areas are encouraged to submit
their work to Parasites & Vectors. 

David Molyneux, Editor-in-Chief
of Filaria Journal, and Kevin Tyler, co-Editor-in-Chief of Kinetoplastid
Biology and Disease
, have been appointed to the Advisory Board
of Parasites & Vectors, and together with an international Editorial Board, are
working closely with Chris Arme to ensure the success of this new journal.  Chris joins Parasites & Vectors  after serving for almost 20 years as an Editor of Parasitology.

Parasites & Vectors launches
in January 2008, and will offer an invaluable resource to the community.  To keep abreast with the latest developments
of this exciting new journal, please register to receive
regular alerts.

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