7 Biology Direct articles highlighted on Faculty of 1000 Biology

Seven articles published in Biology Direct have been
highlighted on the literature evaluation service, Faculty of 1000 Biology (F1000
Biology).  The following article was
most recently selected for evaluation by Brent
Iverson and highlighted as a recommended read:

Neutral genetic drift can
alter promiscuous protein functions, potentially aiding functional evolution

Bloom JD, Romero PA, Lu Z, Arnold FH
Biol Direct 2007 2:17 

F1000 Biology aims to comprehensively and systematically
highlight and review the most interesting articles published in the biological
sciences, based on the recommendations of a faculty of over 2300 selected
leading researchers.  With over 11% of Biology
articles being selected and reviewed by the faculty, this young journal has
clear made a significant impact on the field in its first year and a half of

well as publishing articles of high calibre, Biology Direct offers
authors a novel and open peer
system, which includes making them responsible for obtaining referee
reports for the journal’s Editorial Board and taking the final decision to
publish based on these reviews.


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