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Tetraspanin antigens in the zoonotic Asian blood fluke Schistosoma japonicum: Implications for vaccine candidacy


The development of an effective anti-schistosome vaccine is increasingly considered an essential tool in moving towards schistosomiasis end-game elimination. Tetraspanins (TSPs) are a protein family targeted by several vaccine candidates, however questions remain on how their variability in natural populations may impact vaccine effectiveness. A recent study analyses the variability of S. japonicum TSPs in China, highlighting implications for anti-schistosome vaccine development.

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Sharing innovative research in Uganda


The Uganda Schistosomiasis Multidisciplinary Research Centre (U-SMRC) hosted the first Uganda Schistosomiasis Symposium in Entebbe, Uganda, as well as online. The theme of this first symposium was Schistosomiasis research and controlled human infection studies for helminth vaccine development in Africa. Kat Gulyas attended the symposium online and shares a brief summary of her favourite highlights.

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