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Flaviviruses make you smell like a perfume to attract blood-seeking Aedes mosquitoes, and you might be able to take a cheap, safe drug to stop them


Krisztian Magori reviews a recent study demonstrating that flaviviruses make mice (and people) produce more of the volatile acetophenone, which is also included in many perfumes, that attracts more blood-seeking female mosquitoes; and that a cheap and safe vitamin A derivative might be able to counter their effects.

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Determining the optimal strategies to achieve elimination of transmission for Schistosoma mansoni

Using two individual-based stochastic models, developed independently by the Imperial College London (ICL) and University of Oxford (SCHISTOX), and data from two different age-intensity profiles of infection prevalence and intensity, we determine the optimal treatment strategies to achieve elimination of transmission for Schistosoma mansoni.

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Schistosomes as a threat to human reproduction

Figure 2. Hand-held colposcopic image with FGS areas highlighted (left). Histopathology section of one of the FGS lesions showing S.haematobium eggs (right).

Schistosomiasis is a serious threat to human sexual and reproductive health, as highlighted in this blog by Dingase Kumwneda, a specialist gynaecologist working at the Queen Elizabeth central hospital in Malawi. In this blog Dr Kumwenda describes the impact of FGS on women’s health and ongoing research on Female Genital Schistosomiasis through collaborative projects such as the MORBID-FGS study.

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