Odile Bain Memorial Prize 2022: Calling for early-career researchers!

Once again this year the Odile Bain Memorial Prize is calling for exceptional early-career scientists who have made important research contributions in the medical and veterinary parasitology fields. Submission closes at the end of February!

Odile Bain (1939-2012) was an inspiring female scientist who always supported young parasitologists and encouraged productive collaborations among biologists, veterinarians, physicians, and fundamental and applied parasitologists, worldwide. The award honours her memory and aims to perpetuate Odile’s spirit of cooperation and support towards early-career scientists.

Everybody who had the luck to meet Odile, even just once, knows how wonderfully enthusiastic she was about research and parasitology… She was a fantastic naturalist, always full of wonder.

“The main focus of Odile’s activity”, said Professor Domenico Otranto during the latest award ceremony at the World Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology (WAAVP) conference, “was the study of evolution, systematics and biology of filaroids of veterinary and medical concern, and the relationship of these worms with other groups of nematodes. These studies led Odile towards the exploration of many aspects of the biology of vectors responsible for the transmission of these parasites and the interaction with the vertebrate host. Her research greatly impacted on current knowledge of filarial disease, chemotherapy, immunology, and many other aspects of parasitology. Therefore, this prize was established to celebrate her outstanding contributions to medical and veterinary parasitology”.

“Everybody who had the luck to meet Odile, even just once”, said Mireille Killic Kendrick, one of Odile’s lifelong best friends, in a video message that was broadcast during the 2021 OBMP ceremony, “knows how wonderfully enthusiastic she was about research and parasitology. She was dedicated deeply to that. She was also a fantastic naturalist, always full of wonder… She was also a very happy person… particularly generous with those in need of help. For me, she had been for many decades, a close, exceptional friend, of the kind people rarely find in their lifetime”.

The OBMP 2022, now in its ninth edition, is calling for entries. Eligibility criteria for nominees are being 40 years of age or less (on 16th October in the year of the award), and having received their PhD within the last 5 years.

The Prize Committee will evaluate nominations for their significant and important contributions to the study of parasites or vectors of medical or veterinary importance, reflecting Odile Bain’s personal research.

As you consider submitting your application, you may want to have a look at some more blog posts celebrating winners over the past years – the full list is on the Prize page on the Parasites & Vectors website.

If you are an early-career scientist in the relevant research areas, don’t miss the opportunity to apply – but hurry, the deadline for submissions is 28 February 2022!

All information about the OBMP can be found on the Prize page.

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